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The Valley of Flowers Trek 2022 – Himalayan Trek

A fabulous Trail the World Wants to Trek in 

 The Valley of Flowers trek is one of India’s most popular journeys in the Himalayas. People who have n’t indeed stepped into the Himalayas, have heard about the Valley of Flowers journey. 

 But there’s a solid reason behind Valley Of Flower’s fabulous fashionability – it’s one of India’s oldest given journeys.


 In 1980, the Indian government created the Valley of Flowers National Park, and latterly in 2002, it was honored as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This pushed Valley of Flowers on the pail list of pedestrians from around the world. 

Having said that, you must note that the Valley Of Flowers journey isn’t easy. It’s a moderate position journey, with slightly longer touring days and a steep ascent to Hemkund Sahib that will challenge your abidance. So, prepare well for this journey. We’ve talked in detail about this in the ‘ difficulty ’ section of this journey companion. 

 This expansive journey companion contains all details you need to know to do this journey. 

DAY 1 

 Drive from Rishikesh to Govindghat 

Drive Distance 269 km| Drive Duration 11 hours drive from Rishikesh. 


 The pick- up position is at Live Free Hostel, Rishikesh at 500 AM. The hack costs Rs,000 per vehicle for an SUV and Rs,500 for a Tempo rubberneck. 

 DAY 2 

  Drive from Govindghat to Poolna. Trek to Ghangaria 

Drive distance 4 km| Drive Duration 1 hour 

 Trek distance 9 km| Trek Duration 5- 6 hours Altitude gain,215 ft to,520 ft 


 A short drive followed by a gently thrusting swash- side trail. The trail is well- laid out with several pedestrians and pilgrims visiting the route. 


 DAY 3 

 Trek distance3.7 km each way| Trek Duration 6 hours| Altitude gain,520 ft to,550 ft 

 A satisfying journey to Valley of Flowers, with flowers blooming on either sides of the trail. 

 DAY 4 

 Ghangaria to Hemkund Sahib and back 

 Trek distance 6 km each way| Trek Duration 8- 9 hours| Altitude gain,520 ft to,107 ft 

 The gurudwara and lake at the top are a awful price for the grueling rise. 


 DAY 5 


Trek from Ghangaria to Poolna. Drive to Govind Ghat 

Trek distance 9 km| Trek Duration 4 hours| Altitude loss,520 ft to,215 ft 

 Drive distance 4 km| Drive Duration 30 twinkles 

A nippy descent to Poolna, followed by a drive to Govind Ghat 

 DAY 6 

  Drive Distance 269 km| Drive Duration 9- 10 hours 

The hack costs Rs,000 for an SUV and Rs,500 for a Tempo rubberneck. 

  Please note The distance between campgrounds may vary by 100 measures depending the rainfall conditions and the route you take. The altitude may also vary by 100 bases for analogous reasons

The vale was first discovered accidentally by a group of perambulators in 1931 who were returning from an passage to Mount Kamet. Frank Smythe, Eric Shipton and RL Holdsworth were a part of this platoon. In 1980, Valley of Flowers was declared a public demesne and in 2000, Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve added it as the alternate core zone. . There are about 500 kinds of flowers that are set up then and some of them indeed have medicinal parcels. Since a number of factory species are considered hovered , any kind of beast grazing isn’t allowed in this region. When on the journey, you will indeed get to visit the honorary grave of Joan Margaret. The visit to Hemkund Sahib i.e. the loftiest religious place covered in the diary is delicate but satisfying and if you be to have an redundant day, you can indeed visit Badrinath or explore 

  Rishikesh on your last day. 


  There are well pronounced trails and a series of way laid out at some of the sections of the journey. Mules are available from Govindghat to Ghangaria and Hemkund Sahib but aren’t allowed to go inside the main vale. You mustn’t anticipate luxurious stay while on the journey, there’s no camping on this journey and introductory lodges are handed where you can anticipate a bit of seepage smell. There are veritably high chances of downfall during the journey days. Also, keep a buffer day in your diary as there can be road blocks due to the rain

It’s an easy to moderate journey that offers a rare access to Uttarakhand Himalayas that has an breadth of vale covered with flowers. It’s also considered an ideal journey for the first timekeepers indeed including family and kiddies. One also gets a chance to visit the loftiest passage position of Hemkund Sahib. 

 The vale itself is about 2 km wide and 8 km long and the stylish time to visit is between July to medial of September. The temperature on this journey generally stays nearly between 5 to 20 degrees celsius. And you can anticipate moderate downfall indeed while touring and the vale generally has a thick pall cover. The most delicate part of the journey is the rise to Hemkund Sahib on the last day where we cover an altitude of about,300 ft in a day and that can be a bit emphatic. 


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