Kumara Parvatha – Karnataka’s toughest Trek



The trek is placed within the western ghats of Karnataka. This trek is Karnataka’s most hard trek that is placed near Bangalore. Due to its rugged terrain and the time took average to trek top and to get back off Kumara Parvath trek is in particular taken up by using skilled trackers. 

It has an altitude of 1712 and is counted as the most difficult trek in the country that is in India and it is the very best height in Pushpa Giri wildlife sanctuary. This trek is likewise considered to be the fourth maximum top of Karnataka. 

At the border of Dakshin Kannada and Kodagu district, the peak lies at the back of the very famous Kukke Subrahmanya Temple, this temple is complete of the records and beliefs of the locals.

The path consists of two peaks: 

Shesh parvatha, the second is Kumara parvatha and the higher one with a status altitude of 5600 ft. Shesh parvatha is the smaller top and additionally the protector of the kukke temple that is positioned at the bottom. This top has a lush inexperienced forest within the Pushpa Giri natural world sanctuary. 

The rainfall at some point of the adventure became extremely affable and cloudy. Hiking the three iconic boulders became a brilliant journey and even though  of them were grueling, our gadabouts loved how thrilling it changed into. 

Approximately the issue:

The issue degree is maximum hard as it’s miles tough to climb the peak of 1700 m which is approx to 5600 feet that’s why it is known as the most difficult Trek in Karnatak. The gap blanketed by using this trek is approx 22 km and the duration to finish this trek is set 2 days.


Except its difficulty, many trekkers love to trek on Kumara parvatha and enjoy the splendor of the trek, but in case you are a amateur then it’s miles incredibly encouraged no longer to pick out this trek as your first hiking. Initially, entire your health test and get a fitness certificate and you should try this.

The way to reach:

Kumara Parvatha starts from the town of Subrahmanya in which the principal Kukke Subrahmanya tabernacle lies. You have to first reach Kukke Subrahmanya and reach the bottom before you begin your adventure. 

You can attain there by means of your personal automobile that is nearly 200 kilometers of freeway of Hassan and then you will see the ghats start. The lovely adventure will be equally fun as compared to hiking on hills. Suggested to apply Google Maps/ apple maps or every other in line with you or can reach there via asking the peoples the manner.

You can also attain there via bus, many KSRTC and personal buses are available for the route to the kumara parvatha trek.

You could additionally use the educate to reach there, and locate the Kannur Kanwar specific so one can without delay drop you at your vacation spot, and there you could take any public transport to reach the spot.

Difficult sections:

As this path is much extra tough than isn’t always for beginners right here are some difficult sections noted that make this path the most difficult Trek in India.

Slippery trail-

Inside the months following a monsoon, the route becomes more hard since the dust and free. Gravel are exceptionally slippery and require intense warning whilst journeying. Trekkers need to be extraordinarily cautious whilst choosing their footwear and seek. Advice from climate forecasts to avoid days with potential for heavy rain.

Steep forest-

On the primary and 2nd days, there are various elements of the woodlands that demand the hikers’ attention. Trekkers need to grasp on to the. Tree branches for help when ascending and descending these parts due to their severe steepness. To keep away from hurting your self, pass slowly and intentionally via these parts.

Steep Grassland-

From Kallu Mantapa to Shesha Parvatha, be cautious given that it’s miles the steepest a part of the complete climb. Although the entire adventure is uphill getting into one route, this particular section is the maximum tough to climb. To prevent slipping on this location, regular yourself with your hiking poles and hold onto your feet tightly.

Vertical rock face-

An nearly vertical rock face can be visible right here, so proceed with warning. To keep away from falling inside the event of a slip. Grip the rocks along with your hands whilst you climb up them and descend them.


There are numerous locations where you have to hop over stones and rocks in order to circulate similarly. Cited after Kallu Mantapa until the Kumara Parvatha pinnacle. Even as doing so, exercise warning as those stones are dangerous. Because of the development of algae on them and are slick after a monsoon.


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