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Buran Ghati Trek Highlights


 Witness the splendid views of the Dayara meadows, dark thick timbers. 

 enthrall the beauty of Chandernahan lake that will bring serenity deep to your bones. 

 Enjoy snow covered peaks, falls, aqueducts, walk on giant ice wall, long snowy slides, huge green champaigns and what not!! 

 Get a chance to marvel at the sharp edges and snow clad peaks of the high altitude of 15000ft. It’s mind boggling! 

 Buran Ghati Trek Overview 

 About Buran Ghati Trek 

  This journey can be considered as a moderate to delicate journey that will take you to about 15000 ft above ocean position. Buran happens to be an ancient fascinating vill that’s stretched with some of the old houses, fruit- bearing trees. The trail is girdled by the thick timber of Oak and pine trees, making the paves further astounding to cross. 

 Witness the splendid views of the Dayara meadows and, Chandranahan Lake is the other crucial attraction that’s wrapped in melting snow. The major highlights of this place are Chander Nahan lake nestled near Chansal Peak and the Dhauladhar range that sweeps up an astounding,000 ft from the vale bottom, creating a beautiful hedge wall- mesmerizing! 

 Quick Data about Buran Ghati Trek 

 Duration 7D/ 6N 

 Altitude 15000ft. 

  Buran Ghati Trek Difficulty Moderate to delicate . Buran Ghati Trek Distance 37 km 

  Buran Ghati Temperature 17 ° C to-5 ° C . Stylish time for Buran Ghati journeyMid-May to early July &mid-September tomid-October 

 Railway Station Chandigarh 

 Airport Chandigarh 

  ATM Shimla 

  Starting Point Janglik 

 Ending Point Brua Village 

 How to reach Janglik 

 By Air Chandigarh International Airport is one of the major airfields in North India. All Major Breakouts are connected from different countries of India and International too. 

 By Rail The Chandigarh road station is roughly 8 kilometers from the megacity center. The road station has regular trains connecting it with different Indian metropolises. . 

 By Road It takes about 0400 hours to reach Shimla from Chandigarh. The motorcars from Chandigarh to Shimla run by RSRTC and are constantly available on diurnal base. 

Shimla to Janglik drive is an 8- 9 hour drive from Shimla, and Janglik is the base camp for your journey. Shared taxicabs are available. 

 Buran Ghati Trek Eliminations 

 Accommodation- Tent stays on participating base. 

 refections- Breakfast, packed Lunch, regale all submissive, and Snacks, Soup, Tea, and essential food material for touring. 

Trekking Equipment- Sleeping bags, Sleeping mattresses, Sleeping canopies, implements. 

 Permits- All freights and permits for Indians. 

 Safety outfit- Basic First Aid Medical tackle, Oxygen Cylinder, and Oxi Meter 

 Expert TrekLeaders-good and educated Trek Leader and support staff.

Day 1 

 Heading to the Janglik Base Camp(,200 ft) 

 Start from Shimla at 0630 AM and take a 6- hour long trip to enjoy the Buran Ghati journey. 

 Transportation is available on fresh charges 

 The base camp of this Buran Ghati journey is Janglik.

 From Rohru to Diude, you’ll get to see the beautiful Pabbar swash. 

 Watch the square wheat fields along the swash and beautiful Himachali homes. The road climbs alongside enough townlets and mixed timbers until it gets to the pine timbers. 

 At Tonglu, the dirt track drops down to the swash, crosses the Pabbar and climbs to Diude in nippy switchbacks. . 

 Day 2 

 Diude/ Janglik to Dayara Thach(,200 ft to,075 ft) 

 Make your way to an ascent into a timber for about 30 twinkles followed by a gradational descent for about an hour in the meadows ending with a gradational ascent through a timber. 

 Come out of Janglik and substantiation the beautifully drafted wheat fields lined by fascinating rustic farms on their edges. 

Within fifteen twinkles, you’ll leave the last hooches 

 of antique vill behind your trail. also start climbing the mound fleetly. 

 In an hour, you’ll come to step on a ledge and also give your eyes the splendid views of janglik, Tonglu and other townlets. 

 The ledge under a pine tree is a awful place to take a break. 

  Follow the steep trail that situations off to a gradational, affable rise. 

 Half an hour latterly, you’ll escape from the tree line into a vast breadth of meadows climbing into the hills to your left wing. 

 The trail out of the tree line descends gradationally, skirting the top of the pines. 

 nearly an hour latterly, the trail enters another magnific timber of pine and oak but thicker. 

Through the timber, the trail climbs gradationally before popping out of it again in another partial hour. 

 Watch the impeccably landscaped meadows of Dayara in front. 

 Camp at Dayara.

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