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Tips Choose Right Size Solar Panels For Caravan

4 Tips Choose The Right Size Solar Panels For Caravan

Do you have a caravan of your own? Then get the caravan solar system or solar panels installed in the vehicle at once. Though it can be a costly affair, in the long run, the cost will be recovered gradually. let’s read more about it. 

Very few people have the pleasure of being involved in adventurous expeditions that allow you the freedom to explore unknown areas with your caravan. But the frequent power shortage faced during the trip can spoil your mood.

Hence, opting for a greener and more renewable energy source of power generation is an ideal solution to your problem, and solar panels are perfect for this purpose.

It will enable you to spend a longer time on the road and discover many facets you have not noticed before. let’s read some brief.

A Brief On Caravan Solar Panels

You may come across various solar panels. But the caravan solar panels are typically designed to be installed on the roof of your caravan.

The function of this panel is to convert the sunlight into direct electricity so that it can be stored in the battery for future use.

Apart from this, the presence of an inverter will transform the DC power into AC electricity which can be utilized through the caravan power points.

You can select mounted or portable solar panels according to your convenience.

Solar Panel Sizes Matter

Initially, you need to calculate the solar panel size after you are aware of these three factors. Watts, amps, and volts.

Ideally, you should go for 600W to 800W solar panels, if you require 2,400watt hours (Wh). The reason behind picking it is that you will be able to fill the 2400 Wh capacity battery quickly if there is a lack of bright sunlight for about 4-6 hours.

Listing all the electrical gadgets and equipment that are crucial for your daily needs and calculating the watt-hours for each appliance used for the number of hours in a day will give you a rough idea of the power consumption figure.

If you want to spend more time in the lap of nature, then keeping a portable generator will act as a backup for unseen situations.

Moreover, the climate won’t be in your favor all the time, so having a 12V battery connected to the panels can be a savior.

Choosing The Right Size Solar Panel

When choosing a solar panel for your caravan, it’s essential to consider the size and power requirements. A larger panel generates more power but takes up more space. Calculate your power needs and choose a panel with a wattage that matches. It’s also important to consider the efficiency and durability of the panel. Look for high-quality panels from reputable manufacturers that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Finally, consider the weight of the panel, especially if you’re installing it on the roof. A lighter panel is easier to install and won’t add unnecessary weight to your caravan.

The below-mentioned tips can help you to select a solar panel for your caravan.

  1. Solar power rating

The rating of the panel varies from one another and depending on the energy consumption, you should choose the solar panel.

  1. Power usage

Consider appliances for right caravan solar panel.

You should be aware of the fact that the battery capacity is equivalent to the energy. Hence, the panel should complement the battery capacity to sustain energy consumption.

  1. Power required for all seasons

The temperatures in different seasons vary. Like in summer, the air conditioners will be more in use and heaters for the winter. Hence, the power consumption must be calculated based on this factor, and solar panels should be bought, keeping this in mind.

  1. Budget Matters

You will use your hard-earned money to buy the solar panel for your caravan.  So, make sure you have sufficient funds for the appropriate caravan solar panel.

You can stay rest assured that you will get value for your money after purchasing the caravan solar panel.

The caravan solar panels installation can be a daunting task. But if you have access to the correct service firm for such purposes at an affordable price, then opt for it and do not miss the chance of making your traveling experience fun-filled.

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