Best snow treks you can try in the himalaya region


Some of the most stunning and majestic snow-capped mountains in the world may be found in India. For many years, trekkers from all over the world have been attracted to India’s magnificent and imposing snow-capped peaks.

Everything about winters is so mesmerizing: knee-deep snow, the frozen lakes, the brilliance of white sparkling in the sun, and the icy mist on the trees. Also, it must be high time you pegged your best friend in the back with a massive snowball. If you are a person who likes everything about winter, then the time has come to plan your winter trek for the coming season. 

Snow is one thing India has plenty of. Some of the tallest snow-capped mountains in the world, including Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, Nanda Devi, Chaukhamba, and Ladakh, are found in this nation. There are many snow hikes you may go on if you want to be active this winter, even though skiing may not be the most popular winter activity in India.

The Himalayas are the most popular destination for snow hikers from India. An incredible experience is a snow trekking in India. An unmatched experience is provided by the breathtaking mountain vistas, the peace of the high passes, and the excitement of traversing snow-covered glaciers. For a snow journey, it’s crucial to keep in mind that you should be well-prepared because the weather might change suddenly.

Always remember to pack the appropriate clothing and equipment, and never compromise on safety. Some of the most well-liked snow treks in the world are available in the Himalayas. India’s stunning mountainous regions can be explored through snow treks, which are a fantastic way to do so.

Here are a few of the top snow treks in India that you need to take into account

Kuari Pass

One of the most popular trekking in India is the Kuari Pass Trekking. The hike, which is in Uttarakhand’s Garhwal district, provides breathtaking views of the Himalayas’ snow-capped peaks. The walk is suitable for people seeking a modest amount of difficulty in their trekking. You pass through alpine woods, verdant meadows, and charming villages on the hike. In India, the Kuari Pass Trek is a well-liked winter hike.

You travel through the snow-covered Garhwal Himalayan trails. Kuari Pass trek is one of the great opportunities for explorers to witness the mind-blowing views of the grand Himalayas. The Kauri top at an elevation of 13,990 ft is just perfect for beginners. Trails going through the old forests of Oak and Rhododendron scatter and then get dense as you go ahead, creating different landscapes and the experience is mind-blowing. 

During winters, mountain trails of the Himalayas are transformed into magical and are covered under a white sheet of ice. For many adventurers, trekking across these snow-covered paths of the majestic Indian Himalayas remains a fantasy. They are drawing a wide variety of adventure seekers and hikers for both long and short hikes to appreciate the exquisite splendor of the season.

Crossing the frozen streams, passing through the old forests, and soaking in the most awe-striking views of the snow heaven are just the basic things offered by the snow treks in India. 

Kuari Pass trek offers some of the most breathtaking views of the magnificent Himalayan mountains Kuari Pass. Lord King’s cross Trail is yet another name for the Kuari Pass Trail, which was originally hiked by the former British Indian Viceroy. For those seeking a somewhat difficult hiking experience, this journey is perfect. You will get some breathtaking views of the Himalayan peaks while on the walk.


Cold River Zanskar Trek – Chadar Trek

Among the harshest and the most ambitious cold weather treks inside the Himalayan region is the Chadar Hike in Ladakh, which is also one of the hardest and most beautiful. The temperature is extremely cold, and the area is encircled by enormous, steep hill walls, necessitating careful planning for the excursion.

Chadar trek offers the rarest trekking experience of all the Himalayan treks in India. Walking on the frozen Zanskar River at the top of the trekking list of adrenaline junkies tests fitness and willpower. The trek starts once the Zanskar river begins to freeze and the suitable time for this trek is February.

Starting from the village of Chilling, there are chances of meeting locals that stay near the camps and to know more about their challenging lifestyle and livelihood in one of the most uninhabitable regions in the world. If one completes this trek by fighting against terrible weather conditions and dangerous terrain it will be one of the greatest adventures of life.

Chadar Trek, sometimes referred to as the Zanskar Frozen River Trek, is a strenuous hike that takes place in the Zanskar region of Ladakh. The expedition asks participants to make their way across snow-covered mountains, icy slopes, and gorges while crossing the frozen Zanskar River.

Adventure seekers particularly enjoy this walk since it provides stunning vistas of the surrounding countryside and snow-capped peaks. One of the hardest and most exciting hikes in the Indian Himalayas is this one. On the frozen Zanskar River in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, a trek is undertaken. Depending on your pace and the trail’s conditions, the approximately 105-kilometer walk can be finished in 9 days.


Trek Nag Tibba

Location: Nag Devta’s mythical residence

Height: 9,924 ft

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

The highest elevation in the Nag Based on two criteria range, one of three main distances of a Lesser Himalaya along with Dhauladhar and Pir Variety of different, is called Nag Tibba, also known as spider’s high point.

That’s one of the best newbie winter hikes in India, rising to a height of about 9,924 meters above sea level. The stunning Bandarpoonch peak, the Yamunotri group of highs, Kedarnath peak, snow-capped Chanabang emblems, and Doon valley can all be seen.


Goecha La Trek

The Goechala trek offers grand views of big mountains standing at 15,100 ft on Goecha La. Located in the state of Sikkim, the trek overlooks the massive structure of Kanchenjunga and the other 14 big summits. The experience of witnessing sunrises and sunsets over snow-filled grand Himalayas is something one will never forget.

Trekking through the gorgeous alpine forest,  The Samiti Lake,  tear-shaped Goecha lake, sixteen magnificent peaks visible from Dzongri top can be also seen. There are lush oak plantations, unique wildflowers, and dense rhododendron forests. Trekking in Sikkim and that too in winter is an altogether more varied experience than trekking in the North.

From the lush green forests to the snow-laden campsites, this trek gives you the chance to experience nature at its best. The various flora and fauna on this trail are also eye-catching. 


Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha trek is considered one of the best climbs for freshers. It is blessed with abundant snowfall, and the snowfall becomes heavenly during winters, and all that can be seen are the peaks covered by a thick layer of snow. This is a great destination for amateurs to get the taste of snow trekking adventure and for nature lovers to soak in the untouched beauty of nature.

Based at 12,500 ft, the trek covers a distance of around 20 km with stunning panoramic views of snow falling over pine trees. Kedarkantha also called the ‘Queen of Winter Treks’ is a popular choice for both trekkers and beginners. 


What all you need to carry?

Depending on the season and the duration of your trek, you should pack the essentials such as clothing, camping gear, trekking poles, food and water, maps, a first-aid kit, toiletries, and a camera. As the temperatures can rise quite a bit over the day, make sure to bring plenty of water. Make sure you are well-prepared and have all the necessary supplies before you begin the walk. You will need:

  • a sleeping bag
  • a trekking pole
  • thick clothing
  • good quality hiking boots
  • some food and drink
  • a map and a compass


India is fortunate to have a wide variety of topographies and temperatures. There are several snow treks in India that can provide an amazing experience for those looking for adventure. You can go on a variety of treks, depending on your level of experience, time constraints, and physical fitness.

That concludes our overview of the top snow hikes in India. The snow trek is the only winter experience you need to consider. For individuals who wish to venture outside and discover the world while they still have access to outdoor activities, these excursions are ideal. Go with a group of friends. When you’re around folks who make your trip more enjoyable, mingling is easier.

Think ahead. Before venturing out into the chilly weather, make sure that everyone in your group has the proper apparel (including boots); if not, make plans so that everyone may acquire their gear once they get to their destination. Let’s go on a snow trek this winter!

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