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Devkund in the Raigad district is close to Bhira. Dev is a god’s name, and Kund is the name of a pond. The Devkund waterfall area still lives up to its name. Three waterfalls meet here, and it is thought that this is where the Kundalika River originated. Recently, Devkund has become more well-liked.

It is a large plunge waterfall in which the water falls directly down from a high prominence without first making contact with the rocks.The water is pure and crystal clear, and the sound of the fall is relaxing. Unpolluted and pure, the location has magic.

The journey to the waterfall takes between two and three hours and begins at the village of Bhira. The Devkund waterfall trek is short and gorgeous. The first section of the Devkund waterfall trek walk passes by Bhira Lake, which has a lodge next to it.


All about the Devkund Waterfall Trek


The Devkund Waterfall is renowned as the “Gods’ Bathing Pond.” It is surrounded by forested areas and is referred to as the ideal location for adventurers and nature lovers. It offers an entire escape from the regular and mundane urban lifestyle. Because it is a steep waterfall, the pleasant freshwater falls from a mountain cliff at a height of about 80 feet onto the rocky earth’s surface below, forming a large pond. It is the confluence of three waterfalls that flow from the Kundalika River. With a nearby river, mountains, and a verdant green forest, the Devkund waterfall is indeed an ideal picnic spot as well as a popular trekking and camping destination. It’s also a great place to get a glimpse of the interesting rural life of the nearby villages.

The Devkund Waterfall is approximately 170 kilometers from Mumbai. It is located in the village of Bhira Patnus in the Raigad district, close to the Tamhini Ghat in India’s Western Ghats.


About the best time to plan for the Devkund waterfall trek.

The ideal time to visit the Devkund Waterfall trek is from late September and October to April because these are the months straight after the monsoon and continue to stay pleasant in all aspects. The rainy season in the Western Ghats is extremely turbulent. It is frequently associated with many unfortunate incidents, so it is preferred to avoid such seasons for making travel plans.

About the things to do around Devkund Waterfall trek.

Devkund is a popular destination for thrill seekers. It has a few areas that are ideal for trekking, mountain climbing, and camping. As a result, it has emerged as a popular destination for adventure tourism. Some of the significant activities available near this waterfall include:

  • Bhira-Devkund waterfall Trek

The 4.5 km trek from Bhira village is the most popular and possibly the only way to get to the Devkund waterfall. The most significant element is that the Devkund waterfall trek is simple, with few steep paths. The Devkund waterfall is situated at a height of 2000 feet. In the village where the trail begins, there is an enrollment desk. You can hire a tour guide here if you feel the need to, or you can simply explore on your own because the trail is well-marked with signs.

You will come across rivers and streams and open fields while on the Devkund waterfall trek. The first landmark you will see is the Bhira Reservoir, which will take you approximately half an hour to reach. You would cross two streams and then ascend a slight elevation in the next 45 to 50 minutes. Then there is a rocky open field where you can rest. Small shops sell snacks, juices, and water in the open field.

The rocky section continues for another kilometer before ending at the waterfall. The Devkund waterfall trek finally comes to an end with a rocky path that opens downwards to reveal the roaring waterfall. It’s a sight to behold, and the pool of water at the bottom appears to be multicolored. The view of the magnificent Sahyadri Mountain ranges and the rugged terrains of lush greenery is breathtaking.¬†

Unfortunately, swimming in the pond is not permitted by the locals. Camping near the waterfall is also prohibited. You must pay the parking fees for personal vehicles that are levied by the village.

  • Camping Near Bhira Reservoir Dam

The Bhira Reservoir Dam is another popular Devkund adventure tourism destination. It is a massive man-made lake formed by the Kundalika River’s waters. The Bhira Reservoir Dam is also known as the Tata Power Dam. It is most well-known for its lakeside camping areas. It is only about a half-hour drive from the Devkund waterfall and is still connected to the nearby Bhira village.

Tourists typically visit this dam after completing the Devkund waterfall trek and spending the night camping. The stunning scenic views of the hilly terrain, the perfect moonlight ambiance at night, and the lush greenery draw a large number of tourists. To enhance your experience, you can participate in a variety of activities designed specifically for tourists.

  • Visit Ghangad Fort

The well-known Ghangad Fort is another tourist attraction in the area. It is approximately 9 kilometers from the Devkund waterfall. Its base village, Ekole, serves as the starting point for an enthralling trek. The route is safe and easy to follow, with thick foliage surrounding it. There isn’t much to do here, but adventurers come here for an extensive trekking experience.

The fort of Ghangad dates back 300 years and has two entrances. To get close to the fort, you’d have to climb an iron ladder.

There are numerous lakes, valleys, open fields, and hilltops that provide excellent trekking, hiking, camping, and sightseeing opportunities. The areas surrounding Devkund waterfall are a haven for adventure seekers!

About the staying options while on the Devkund waterfall trek

While there are numerous accommodation choices in the base village of Bhira, there are other options to consider before settling on one. Bhira is home to a number of resorts and hotels. They are the best and most comfortable options because they are all conveniently located.


  • KF Residency: It is about 1.5 kilometers from the village of Bhira. It is a 1-Star hotel with all of the necessary amenities including¬† WiFi, a restaurant, a laundry system, TV, and air conditioning.


  • Beacon T2 Hotel: This is more of a business hotel, located about 2 kilometres from the village of Bhira.


  • Nisargo Agro Resort: This is among the resorts closest to the Devkund waterfall, located about 15 kilometres away.


  • Vinnca Village At Rockhill Adventures & Resorts: It is yet another of the top destinations near Devkund waterfall that can be recommended for a relaxing stay. It is about 20 kilometres from the village of Bhira.


  • Heritage View Resort: It is one of the most luxurious resorts in the Raigad district. Many people prefer it because it is about 40 kilometres from the Devkund waterfall.


  • Courtyard By Marriott Pune Hinjewadi: The Courtyard by Marriott Pune Hinjewadi is a luxury resort located about 40 kilometres from the Devkund waterfall. This lively resort provides convenient and efficient amenities.


About reaching the Devkund waterfall trek.

By Air: The closest airports are in Pune, 110 km away, and Mumbai, 170 km away.

By Train: There are two nearby railway stations. The Mangaon Railway Station is 30 kilometers away, and the Lonavala Railway Station is 83 kilometers away.

By Road: You can also drive up to Bhira village and take public transportation or rent a car.




The Devkund waterfall trek is a perfect place to spend time with family or friends. Many undiscovered terrains await discovery here. While it is a secluded location, it is not too far away to be inconvenient for you. Devkund offers a variety of lodging options, exciting adventure activities, and breathtaking scenery. Devkund waterfall trek is the best option if you want a trekking adventure filled with natural beauty.

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