Ways To Exchange Gift Card Online You Must Know

Exchange gift card online for cash is what these dedicated websites are all about, so you can turn an unwanted gift into cash to spend on something else. The drawback of using these sites is the fee usually charged to do the exchange and the fact you will not get the full value of the gift card in cash, better than the dusting gift card! In addition, you don’t need to be in physical possession of the gift card to exchange it. Here we will tell you about the best online gift card exchange.

Card Pool:

You can choose between selling your card for hard, solid currency, or you can earn 6% more if you exchange it for Amazon store credit. You can also make extra money by writing your gift card at the Card pool consumer marketplace. For some gift cards, this increases the charge by 30 cents.

For others, it increases by $ 5 or more. The card pool has some of the highest payouts among online gift card exchanges and boasts an excellent A + rating from the Business Bureau. The card pool is like Walmart gift card exchange online. This company provides a gift card and the site shows you many offers from different gift cards. It is one of the best gift card exchanges online.

Gift Card Granny:

It has a great option if you want to buy gift cards at a discount. You can choose to accept the offer or list your card at the price you want. This site is for gift card exchange online. It is for cash, with sites that also buy credit and digital codes as part of their service due to the increase in gift cards.

Exchange Gift Card online

Card Cash:

This site is a gift card you choose between instant payment or gift card trading costs 13.5% more. Unlike Card pool. However, you are not limited to Amazon gift cards only. Other card dealers include AMC Theaters, Bass Pro Shops, Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS, eBay, Fanatics, GameStop, Hotels, and Overstock. This site is for gift card exchange online. Card Cash also has some of the fastest payments around (usually within one to two business days).


This marketplace is an excellent site for listing gift cards and e-gifts from lesser-known stores. You can sell them for cash at a price of your choice, and you will receive your money as soon as the gift card is dealt.

This site is for gift card exchange online. Raise also offers customers a one-year money-back guarantee on purchasing a gift card, which is great for careful consumers. Remember that Raise only accepts certain cards (like iTunes) from selected stores, and trading is not an option. The site charges a 15% subscription fee once the exchange is complete, which is why the return rate is low. A gift card exchange kiosk online is like this site.

Card Kangaroo:

Card Kangaroo has a listing of approximately 1 three hundred playing cards given that remaining November and has helped almost 59,000 customers. You can use this internet site to buy, promote or change your undesirable present playing cards or take a look at the stability of the cardboard you located for your wallet. Card Kangaroo ensures said stability up to $ 500 for present playing cards bought one hundred days from the date of purchase. In addition, they receive big credit scores by playing cards and PayPal.

Exchange Gift Card online


In the gift card basket, you can search for a discount, store, category, or favorites after you have created an account. You can buy extraordinary portable and electronic gift cards. If a person wants to buy the newest cards, he will get these cards within ten working days through the mail, and likewise, some cards will reach you within 2 working days, and it can be longer too. This site is for gift card exchange online and helps you save money when shopping online.

Gift Card Spread:

Gift Card Spread has a wide variety of gift cards offered for an impressive 31% discount – some of the best we’ve ever seen. This website is easy to use. Vendors are sorted alphabetically, but you can also search by price, card type, or bulk category. Like other exchange websites, each trader can save ‘up to a certain amount. Finally, you can click to see what your options are. This site is for gift card exchange online.


You do not need to have a real gift card to turn it into cash, with sites also buying credit and digital codes as part of their service due to the proliferation of e-gift cards. However, beware of websites that are known to have a low reputation, as some will try to invest hidden in the trade or withhold payment and waste your time and money.

To provide a complete picture, we have included the tried and trusted sites in this guide and those we found unreliable to know which ones to choose. Even when using the best locations, there may be a delay in exchanging gift cards with money, so do not be alarmed if your money takes a few days to reach you. Here we show ways to gift card exchange online.

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