Most Important SEO Metrics You Should Look For

When discussing SEO, or organic positioning on search engines, it is difficult to comprehend and make concrete concepts like “algorithms”, crawlers, and “structured information”.

There are hundreds of factors that can influence a website’s organic positioning. Some depend on their market, while others depend on the social and political situation in the country and the economic state of the users.

How can SEO be made concrete and tangible? And what should you avoid when developing a search optimized website? It is easy, we measure it. To evaluate the site, we define which performance indicators (also known as KPIs).

All these metrics can easily be retrieved from Analytics, so no additional tools are required for a basic report.


Total and organic website sessions

Website traffic

Sessions refer to the number of visits your website gets in a given period. You should only measure organic SEO visits. However, it is important to include all sessions in your report. This grouping includes all media visits.

This metric allows us to measure the number of searches that Google makes and the variations in how they change when we implement a certain SEO strategy.


Website users, both organic and total

This metric shows the number of people who visited the website during the specified period. It is important to remember that users can generate multiple sessions.

Consider users who are organic to your SEO strategy when evaluating it. You can get a global view of your site by looking at all the users who have visited it from other sites. This metric measures the effectiveness of your SEO strategy to attract users.


Conversions or goals achieved

Some actions or events are significant milestones in your website marketing. For example, when a user fills in a form, clicks a banner, or watches a video. Each one of these actions is objective, and the conversion will occur when the user completes them.

This metric shows us how well our SEO strategy has attracted quality users to the site, as well as those who are interested and able to purchase our product, content, or service.


Bounce Rate

This indicates the percentage of visitors who visit a page on our site and then leave without doing anything. It is similar to the previous one and indicates the quality of users who visit your site.

However, it can also be used to assess the quality or appeal of your content on your site and whether it motivates the user to take action.

Analyze the bounce rate total to determine the user’s behavior from all media vs. natural. This is the only metric that we want to see a decrease in any report.


Average session duration

These metrics allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your SEO strategy to keep users interested in browsing your site. UX elements may have an impact.

The session duration is the average amount of time users spend on a page. It is normal for this value to increase month-to-month.

To ensure that you don’t lose sight of your users’ behavior, it is important to include their average session durations from both organic and other media.



It is the number of pages a user visits every time they visit the site via any method. These metrics allow you to gauge the effectiveness of your SEO strategy to keep users interested while they browse the site.

UX elements may have an impact. This time, we recommend comparing the metric of total users with those who only come from the organic channel.


Behavior per search query

The behavior by search query table displays the top search terms and how many clicks they have generated.

This data allows us to monitor the user behavior and trends in search terms that they use to arrive at the site.

These indicators can be added to your report along with other tools such as the average site positioning, and a follow-up of changes in the SERP rank of keywords you use in your SEO strategy.

And the landing pages of users who visit your website. You can also add information about the competition, such as the authority score.

Before you decide which KPIs to measure, you must be clear about your objectives and the direction you intend to direct your search engine positioning strategy. Also, be clear on where each action will come from.

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