A good number of people are looking for businesses to start . Working for yourself is usually much more satisfying and motivating than doing it for other people. However, you must be aware that running your own business requires assuming a lot of responsibility and commitment to be successful.

Like everything in the world, entrepreneurship has its pros and cons, but it is a tempting idea that with hard work can bring fantastic results.

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Discovering the ideal type of business is the first challenge. Finding something that really encourages you and has a future is essential. Motivation is essential, as it will be your engine in difficult times and will drive you to overcome any obstacle.

To help you find something really worthwhile, we will show you the best businesses to start . One of them may be the ideal for you.

12 of the best businesses to start

Every day new ventures arise in Mexico . Some of them grow like foam, while others have a hard time getting ahead. The secret? There is not just one, but many factors at play.

One of them is to discover a market niche, that is, a part of the population that is little or not served at all by the offer that is within their reach.

In all sectors there are market niches, the important thing is to identify them. In those that are in greater demand it is always easier to find them. To guide you, we have selected some business options that have the potential to succeed today.

1. Restaurant

Restaurants are in high demand and that is why they top our list. Focus on a specific audience and offer them the best experience in terms of both palate and customer service.

Create a different restaurant, both in the service and in the dishes you are going to serve. Think of even the smallest details so that your audience of diners grows naturally.

Investments for this type of venture can be high. However, the chances of success are too.

2. Cafeteria

Setting up a cafeteria is also an excellent choice, as it usually requires less investment than a restaurant and is also in great demand. Choose the public you want to address, offer them tasty dishes and give them impeccable service!

3.Food truck

Food trucks or gastronomic trucks have been a fairly profitable business for some years , but you must bear in mind that they require a high initial investment.

The advantage is that you do not need to pay the rent for the physical space, which in the long run allows you to recover your investment more quickly.

Another benefit is that with it you can take your dishes to various places and thus expand your range of customers.

4. Grocery Store

Grocery stores are an excellent option for Mexican entrepreneurs. The initial investment is usually not that high and you can expand the business over time.

The demand for these businesses is quite large and the more variety you offer, the better results you will get.

To start it you don’t need a big structure; a counter, shelves, refrigerator and scale are enough to start a small business.

5. Stationery

A very good business option is a stationery store, especially if you open it near a university. In this type of venture it is necessary that you have a photocopier, since a large part of the income will come from copies.

6. Online store

An online store is a business that can be very profitable. It does not require a large investment, since you can do without the physical space for the storage and sale of your products. In addition, it is possible to reach a large number of people and it works every day of the week, 24 hours a day.

In them you can sell all kinds of products, but the ideal is that you specialize in a specific item. There are various models of online stores . Before choosing, study the options to discover which one is best for you.

Find the right platform and dedicate yourself to disclosure. Social networks are excellent for this. In this type of business, marketing is essential, so invest in it.

7. Pet businesses

Pets are a member of the family for many people. That is why, in addition to the time dedicated to them, they have a budget reserved for them.

Because of this, pet supply stores are an excellent choice for today’s entrepreneurs.

In it you can sell various products such as food, toys, accessories, clothing, hygiene items, etc. If you add some services such as bathing and haircuts, your income can be much higher, as well as being an excellent way to build customer loyalty.

Consider that this business can start small and grow as income allows it. So if you have a limited budget, this is a good option.

8. Shopper service

A new category has emerged: the shopper . Lately this type of service is in great demand, so it is the ideal time to put this business into practice.

shopper business requires people who are willing to make purchases of various kinds. They can be made in supermarkets, department stores or any commercial establishment that the applicant indicates.

The success of this type of business lies in the total satisfaction of the client, since only in this way will you be able to win them over to repeat with you and to recommend you to new clients.

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9. Virtual assistance

Today, when it comes to starting a business , it is convenient to evaluate the options that the Internet and the digital world offer us.

In this environment, flexible entrepreneurship options abound, which do not require large initial investments.

A good example is virtual assistance. It is about providing services related to the secretariat and organization. These can be useful for professionals, executives, and others with busy schedules.

A virtual assistant is in charge of coordinating the days and pending of those who hire them; all from the Internet and digital platforms. Some of the tasks they can do are:

  • Answer emails.
  • Book flights.
  • Book hotels and accommodation.
  • Add and remove activities from the agenda.
  • Coordinate meetings and virtual calls.

As you can see, these types of processes are not very complex and you will be able to develop them without any problem if you have the skills to manage resources and computer and digital platforms.

10. Catalog sales

It is another of the best businesses to start if you do not have a large capital and do not want to assume complex management and administration tasks .

One of the great advantages of catalog sales of products such as makeup, creams, perfumes, and clothing is that you will not need to make an initial investment in inventory.

Simply, you will offer the products of a certain brand and, once you generate purchases and orders, the company will take care of putting them in your hands for final delivery.

On the other hand, you will take advantage of all the advertising and marketing work of the brand behind the marketed products, which will give you credibility and greater sales opportunities.

Many companies that make catalog sales have decades in the market and great recognition.

11. “Ghost” kitchen

An alternative to the gastronomic world are “ghost” kitchens , one of the ideal trends for entrepreneurs who do not yet have a large capital.

Simply, it is about cooking behind closed doors, without having a room to serve diners, and marketing the dishes through home deliveries.

At present, restaurants and businesses that opt ​​for this model have great possibilities of making themselves known thanks to the Internet, social networks and new communication channels.

This “ghost” kitchen can be your own home or a rented one, which already has all the necessary equipment and tools to prepare large volumes of food, depending on your clientele.

It is important that this strategic production center is located near areas with high rates of food delivery orders. This will not only give you more chances to sell; It will also allow you to save on transfers.

12. Organization of virtual events

Job fairs, annual company meetings and even family celebrations such as birthdays can take place thanks to new technologies and communication channels.

Undoubtedly, the organization of events is an excellent idea and can be a good option for you to undertake; but currently the challenges faced by face-to-face meetings have given rise to other organizational formats.

An example of this is virtual events, which have increased and can be an attractive variant for this business and thus you can offer different options in terms of format to your clients.

An event organizer of this type fulfills tasks such as, for example, scheduling or defining the date of the event and disseminating the information on social media or sending direct invitations through email and other means.

Also, it can serve as a host once the event takes place, granting entry permits to the participants and providing technical support in case of failures with connections or ignorance about the use of communication platforms.

Cool! You already have in your hands 12 of the best businesses to start, which can improve your economy and, at the same time, develop your skills and talents.

Focus on undertaking in those areas that you are passionate about and in which you have more knowledge, as well as observe where the market is heading. There are different university degrees that will allow you to have the bases to create your own business.

Boost your entrepreneurship by studying, discover everything that the Bachelor of Business Administration has for you at UNEA .

Did you find this reading interesting? In order for you to be successful with any of these entrepreneurial options, you need to train and have management knowledge, so we invite you to learn everything about the best career in the business world, downloading and reading the ebook that we leave you below:

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